Our Research

Here is a brochure of the research. (updated at Apr. 2014)

We have been focusing on perception technologies using an intelligent vehicle, a network sensing system or a collaboration of them. Our research goals are developing 1) an intelligent vehicle of omni-directional eyes monitoring both static and dynamic objects at the vicinity when it cruises around a large dynamic environment, generating a map with dynamic and semantic knowledge of the scene, and conducting human-like decision-making or maneuver; and 2) a network sensing system that monitoring the dynamic objects in a cluttered environment using laser and vision, and analyzing their behaviors. These researches have been motivated by the applications for improving driving safety, surveillance, traffic data collection for management and services, etc.. The research can be broadly divided in three topics: 1) Monitoring a dynamic environment through fusion of laser and vision; 2) Intelligent vehicle perception and driving behavior analysis; 3) POSS-m: Dynamic mapping through vehicle-borne multi-modal sensing.

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